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Action and Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast

May 30, 2018

...EVENTUALLY! Daniel and Callum come back from the Afterspark to talk about the Hasbro Universe, starting things off by catching up on IDW's solicitations for both May and June! Meanwhile, at WonderCon, John Barber confirmed that Unicron will officially bring the IDW Hasbro Universe to a conclusion. In Lost Light #16, the Rod Squad are all dead! Totally! For realsies! (In unrelated news, you wanna buy a space bridge?) Then, our intrepid hosts wrap up the podcast with another segment of the Hasbro Universe: RANKED!

0:00 -Introduction
1:51 - IDW May 2018 Solicitations
11:40 - IDW June 2018 Solicitations
30:35 - The Hasbro Universe's End - CONFIRMED
51:52 - Lost Light #16 Discussion
1:04:37 - Hasbro Universe: RANKED
1:33:21 - Next Week's Comics
1:35:55 - Outroduction

Featured Music:
Opening - Action Man Ending Theme
Ending - The Transformers Season 2 Opening Theme

(This episode was originally recorded in March)