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Action and Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast

May 30, 2018

Daniel and Callum kick things off with a look at what could have been with Aubrey Sitterson's Patreon-exclusive scripts and outline for the unpublished issues of Scarlett's Strike Force. In the comics, the Transformers and Spectral Knights play their final gamble against Merklynn and the Darkling Lords in Transformers vs. Visionaries #4. Finally, the guys take another look at the story of Rom and Fy-Laa in the one-shot ROM: Tales of the Solstar Order, as well as speculating about the future of our favorite Wraithslayer!

0:00 - Introduction
01:55 - Scarlett's Strike Force #4 Script/Series Outline
20:00 - Transformers vs. Visionaries #4 Discussion
44:30 - ROM: Tales of the Solstar Order
1:13:13 - Next Week's Comics
1:14:43 - Outroduction

Featured music:
Opening - Action Man Ending Theme
Ending - Rom the Space Knight Commercial

(This episode was recorded back in April)