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Action and Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast

Nov 21, 2017

REVOLUTIONARIES RETROSPECTIVE! Daniel and Callum talk about their favorite series and their favorite characters this episode. The sole comic for this week, Transformers: First Strike, sees the final Revolutionaries story as our ragtag team fights the bounty hunter Colditz with Arcee and Mike Power/Centurion. However, not wanting to leave listeners hanging, our hosts sit down with John Barber, writer of Revolutionaries and Optimus Prime, to discuss the series, how certain characters developed, and how the revolution began in the pages of Action Man. And at the end, John answers YOUR listener questions. All this and more in this special extra-sized episode of Action and Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast!

0:00 - Introduction
03:41 - David Mariotte Previews
13:03 - Transformers: First Strike Discussion
37:13 - Revolutionaries Retrospective w/ John Barber
1:40:37 - Listener Questions
2:18:51 - Outroduction

Featured Music:
Opening Theme - Action Man Ending Theme
Ending Theme - Action Man Opening Theme